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Our goal is to not only increase physical strength but mental and emotional strength as well. Our treatment plans are based on your specific goals. We offer in-person and online consults.

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No matter what type of treatment you are getting, expect a full-body evaluation. We understand that pain can stem from multiple areas of the body. We are determined to evaluate your body as a whole and will use information collected during our assessment to provide you with a personalized treatment plan.


Treatment includes:

  • acupuncture 

  • soft tissue therapy 

  • spinal manipulation 

  • rehab and strengthening exercises 


Physiotherapy gets you back to moving back towards achieving your goals. Treatment includes rehab, acupuncture, patient education to work towards your goals.  

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Massage Therapy in Burlington, ON

Massage Therapy 

Massage therapy can help with a multitude of factors, some including: decreasing pain and inflammation, improving circulation and stress relief

Massage can help 

  • TMJ dysfunction 

  • Respiratory problems 

  • Low back pain 

  • Migraines

Massage offerings include:

  • Pregnancy massage

  • Sports massage 

  • Relaxation Massage 

  • Deep Tissue Massage 

Neurofunctional acupuncture

This technique focuses on targeting pain at the source. While utilizing acupuncture needles in anatomically relevant areas along with electricity, we can regulate pain.

We can use neurofunctional acupuncture to help with:

  • Hip impingement

  • Rotator cuff pain and tears 

  • Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow

  • Carpal tunnel 

  • Knee and ankle pain

  • Plantar fasciitis 

  • Muscle strains

  • Headaches 

  • Chronic neck pain

  • Nerve entrapments


Acupuncture in Burlington, ON

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic care encompasses nutritional support, botanical medicine, acupuncture, cupping, homeopathy, and lifestyle and exercise counselling


Some problems naturopathic care can help with include:

  • chronic pain,

  • digestive disorders,

  • weight concerns,

  • autoimmune diseases

  • sleep

  • mental health concerns


Gait analysis/Orthotics 

We provide custom orthotics. We do a full gait analysis and custom fitting to ensure that the orthotic is as comfortable as possible and specifically fitted to you. 

We pride ourselves on providing the best. Each orthotic is 3D printed to form exactly to your foot. 

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cosmetic Acupuncture 

Cosmetic Acupuncture will leave your skin glowing and healthy. It is a natural form of skin care to help address wrinkles, drooping skin, scars, problem spots to name a few. 

Additionally, it is a relaxing treatment,

treat yo'self!

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